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Kalamazoo College

Land Use Protocol - Research

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All persons and/or organizations wishing to conduct experiments involving the Lillian Anderson Arboretum must complete a Land Use Protocol (LUP) and have the LUP approved by the Lillian Anderson Arboretum Advisory Committee. LUPs will be approved only if they are consistent with the Mission Statement for the Arboretum, the existing Arboretum policies, and the long-range goals for the Arboretum. Please adhere to the following structure in preparing your Land Use Protocol (LUP) for Kalamazoo College's Lillian Anderson Arboretum (LAA).
What is the name, title, and affiliation of the person ultimately responsible for this study?*
Provide a brief statement, in lay terms, of the rationale for conducting your study.*
Why is the Lillian Anderson Arboretum the best choice for your study?*
Describe, in lay terms, your experimental design.*
Will living organisms be disturbed or removed from the LAA as a result of this project? If so, what measures will be taken to ensure that any impact is minimized?*
Will the physical landscape of the LAA be altered in any way as a result of this project? If so, what are your plans for remediation of the area after the study has ended?*
What is the expected duration of your project? Please provide expected start and stop dates.*
What are the expected outcomes of this study?*
How will the results of this study be disseminated?*
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