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Kalamazoo College

New at the Arb

Batts Pavilion

Check out the new Batts Pavilion!

Batts Pavilion, Oct 2016

Recycled Asphalt Path

In the spring of 2016, the path from the parking lot to the Pavilion, and a loop through Meadow Run and Not-So-Magnificent Pines to the Pavilion field was paved! This short new paved path was made from recycled asphalt, following the sustainable nature of the Arboretum. The path allows trail access for visitors requiring mobility assistance. 

Recycled Asphalt Path


Oxen Trail

In the fall of 2015, oxen were brought onsite and hauled 30 logs of red pine harvested from the Arb. This lumber was used as material for the new Pavilion (currently under construction), material and method following the sustainable character of the Pavilion. The removal of these logs, and further work from Arb crew, has created a new trail (spring 2016), conveniently named "Oxen Trail," located off of Not-So-Magnificent-Pines and Powerline trails.Oxen

Oxen Run Trail 


A noninvasive wetland boardwalk was constructed in the summer of 2014, creating dry access from Fern-Oak Trail to Powerline Trail through the wetland. This gives classes access to study the wetland and the ability to get close to marsh marigold, ostrich fern, wetland orchids, button bush, saxifragge without getting stuck in the mud and disturbing the hydrology of the sensitive ecosystem.