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Kalamazoo College


Christine Hahn
Phone: 269-337-7006

Dr. Christine Hahn, Art Department Chair 2017-18

Christine Hahn specializes in 20th century art, examining how the circulation of art via expatriate artists; traveling exhibitions; and the museum space creates multilayered meanings for global audiences. She is currently at work on a book project that examines the history of 20th century Korean painting and its relationship to Western modernism, Japanese colonialism, and the aftermath of the Korean War.

Dr. Hahn received both her M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Chicago and has had the opportunity to share her work with local, national, and international audiences. She was the recipient of a Fulbright Research Fellowship in 2002, spending the year in Seoul, South Korea. Dr. Hahn has developed several new courses for the Art History curriculum at K, including Art and Gender, a course on the history of the modern art museum, and a methodological course on important theoretical texts in 20th century art.

Richard Koenig
Phone: 269-337-7003


Richard Koenig, Genevieve U. Gilmore Professor of Art.     

Richard Koenig                                 

Richard received his BFA from Pratt Institute and his MFA from Indiana University. He has taught art and photography courses at Kalamazoo College, Michigan, since the fall of 1998. Photographic Prevarications was shown in six one-person exhibits in as many years (2007 to 2012). Richard is currently working on a documentary project called Contemporary Views Along the First Transcontinental Railroad.

In addition to his photographic work, Richard's videos have been shown in the United States, Canada, France, Australia, Japan, and Yugoslavia. Mr. Koenig has attended several artist residencies, including the American Academy in Rome and the Millay Colony for the Arts. His work is available through Pictura Gallery, Bloomington, Indiana. Additional works are available through Editions Fawbush, New York.

Richard's Homepage

Sarah Lindley
Phone: 269-337-7004

Sarah Lindley, Arcus Social Justice Professor of Art   

 Sarah at the Pottery Wheel                 

Sarah Lindley's studio practice spans multiple disciplines, including sculpture, installations, and ceramics. Her creative work has transitioned from objects that frame vacant interior spaces (reflecions on public and private space) to renditions of Dutch Cabinet Houses (museums of domestic space, housed within the space itself). Most recently,  Sarah's work has moved beyond the walls of the interior to the domestic landscape (industry, small communities, and environmental trauma).

Lindley's creative work has been recognized by numerous grants and exhibitions, including biennales in France, Korea, and Taiwan.  She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Washington.  Sarah was a resident artist at the European Ceramic Work Center in the Netherlands and has thrice been an Arts-Industry Resident in Kohler, Wisconsin. She was one of two inaugural Faculty Fellows in the Arcus Center of for Social Justice Leadership.


 Sarah's Homepage

Tom Rice
Phone: 269-337-7005

Tom Rice, The Jo-Ann and Robert Stewart Professor of Art.

Tom received a BFA from the Tyler School of Art and a MFA from the University of Georgia. Mr. Rice has received fellowships from the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts and the Ragdale Foundation. His honors include the Lucasse Fellowship for Excellence in Creative Work awarded by Kalamazoo College.

Among his commissioned works are pieces for the Xerox Corporation and the Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial. His work has been exhibited at the South Bend Regional Museum of Art, the Evansville Museum, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, the Kalamazoo Institute of Art, the Lansing Art Gallery, the Arkansas Arts Center, the Art Academy of Cincinnati, the Urban Institute of Art and the Kresge Art Museum.

Tom's Homepage

Firth MacMillan
Phone: 269-337-7519


Visiting Assistant Professor, Sculpture and Ceramics     


  Headshot with Sculpture                                                                                               

 In her work, Firth MacMillan materializes experiences of pointed yet every day moments from life.  Her sculptures, 3D drawings, and phototographs are meditations on the edge between image and object, representations and abstraction, form and formlessness. In the practice, she's investigating whether the depth of these ordinary moments as she initially experiences them can translate to the artwork she makes. 

A recent recipient of a Canada Council Project Grant, MacMillan spent the summer in residence at The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design working on a body of work in conversation with Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudi. She has exhibited at CRG, Lyons Wier and Charles Cowles Gallery in New York, and at the College of Creative Studies in Detroit, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, and San Bao International in China.

MacMillan joins K from the University of Colorado-Boulder, as a Visiting Professor of Art, teaching Ceramics, Sculpture, and Visual Fundamentals. She received her MFA from the Univesity of Nebraska-Lincoln, and holds BFA degress in Ceramics from The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and Photography from the University of Michigan.




Heather Vinson
Phone: 269-337-5719

Visiting Assistant Professor of Art History  

Heather Vinson- Fun             

Heather Vinson’s primary research centers on repetition in modernist art: both as avant-garde production practices and gendered acts of consumption, whether artistic or commercial. As such, her work examines how iterative modalities and technologies allow artists to negotiate and/or resist the art market and art making as a product. Her current manuscript project deals with how Edgar Degas’s creative processes evolved and how they have been interpreted in several historical moments, including the museological impulse to market Degas’s Danseuses. A forthcoming article in Modernism/Modernity previews the topic.

Dr. Vinson received her M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. She has taught at various institutions, including the University of South Florida, Colgate University, Albion College, and the University of West Georgia. At Kalamazoo College,  she will offer several courses, including Art Since 1945, Masculinity and Modernity, The Russian Avant-Garde, and Haussmann’s Paris.


Daniel Kim

Visiting Instructor in Art; Documentary Video

Gary Cialdella
Phone: 269-337-7072

Adjunct Instructor, Digital Photography

Marissa R. Klee-Peregon

Post-Baccalaureate Fellow

Marissa manages our studio at the Park Trades Center Kalamazoo Community Studio.

Sarah Gillig
Phone: 269-337-7050

Fine Arts Office Coordinator

Sarah recently joined our team as the Fine Arts coordinator.