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Kalamazoo College

Senior Individualized Projects in Art

There are three types of Senior Individualized Projects (SIPs) offered through the Art Department: Studio Art SIPs, Art History Research SIPs, and Internship SIPs. All are to be upper level work and a faculty member must agree to approve and supervise a student's project. Students should have considerable experience, equivalent to at least two courses in the area (medium for studio SIPs) before registering for a SIP. Anyone, major or non-major, can do a SIP in Art provided that the requirements are fulfilled and faculty approval is granted. 

Studio Art SIPs

A SIP in Studio Art entails the creation of a body of original artwork. They are typically one unit SIPs completed during the winter quarter of a student’s senior year. Students interested in doing a Studio Art SIP should take at least two courses in the area of the intended SIP (painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, ect.) by the end of their junior year and plan on taking the Advanced Studio Course in the fall of their senior year.

Art History SIPs

Art History SIPs can be done as either an internship or a research project, both for one unit credit. An internship SIP consists of working at an internship (normally during the summer preceding senior year), keeping records (journal, copies of materials, ect.) of it and a formal research paper (about 15 pages) based on something about which you gained first-hand knowledge.

An Art History research project is a thesis-length paper (about 40 to 50 pages) on a topic for which you have sufficient background to do advanced research. It can be done as a summer, fall or winter SIP. Please discuss the topic with your SIP advisor and present a tentative bibliography and outline the quarter before the SIP.

Other Important Info

SIP Form to Complete--After securing a SIP advisor for your project, rising seniors should fill out one of these forms by the end of spring quarter of their junior year...

You can also download and fill out the official SIP from from the registrar...

If you'll be working with human subjects for your SIP, please look at this link...

Related to IRB approval, here is a site from Dr. Furge for Ethics Training...