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Kalamazoo College

The Dorothy Upjohn Delano Dalton Theatre & Lobby


Theatre Capacity: * 400 Non-movable seats, 10 Barrier-free seats

Configuration: The Theatre boasts a large stage with a highly reflective motorized screen, standard and international video playback, 16mm film projection, a podium/conductor's stand, stage lighting, a 24 channel audio mixing system to provide excellent voice, instrument, and audio amplification equipment, digital audio recording, and mini digital disc recording/playback making it well-suited for large lectures, important campus presentations, and large production performances.  Media is available for patron usage after a media request has been confirmed with


The following information is required to establish your reservation:

  • Event Name
  • Advisor Contact 
  • Location of Event
  • Day/Date of Event
  • Time of Event                                                         
  • Media Plans/Equipment
  • Sponsoring Group                                                                   
  • Event Contact Name & Phone Number

 Policies and Guidelines

  • An advisor must attend all lectures/performances in the Dalton Theatre.  Although it is not necessary for the advisor to be in attendance for rehearsals, if an advisor cannot be confirmed for an event, a Kalamazoo College Staff member will preside and the event will be charged for this service.  All reservations for Dalton Theatre are “tentative” until an adviser has been named.
  • No more than 399 people are allowed in Dalton Theatre.  Tickets must be issued so as not to exceed capacity.  Due to Fire Codes, no additional seating can be established in the aisles, or in the back of the Theatre.  Seating capacity must be enforced by an advisor appointed for each event.  A physical review of the location can be provided by appointment.
  • Dalton Theatre & Lobby must be left in the same, or better, condition than it was found. Supplies for clean up are available in the kitchen, and all refuse must be deposited in the dumpster outside.  If clean-up and/or refuse removal has not been accomplished to render the Theatre to its pre-event condition, a custodial service charge of $72 will be applied to the event invoice.
  • In case of emergency: call 9-911 and/or Campus Security @ 337-7321.
  • In case of a tornado: divide the audience in halves by front and rear.  Instruct patrons closest to the stage to exit by door to the right and continue down the stairwell to the lower level hallway.  Instruct patrons in rear half of the audience to exit by door at the back of the theatre and continue down the stairwell closest to Room 120 to the lower level hallway.
  • In case of fire: divide audience in halves by front and rear and instruct patrons to follow the nearest lighted exit signs to vacate the building and move toward the street.