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Kalamazoo College

Recital Hall, Light Fine Arts

Hall Capacity: 160 theater-style seats

Configuration: The Recital Hall presents a medium stage setting and also offers such options as a highly reflective motorized screen; video playback; podium with microphone; audio amplification; and digital audio recording, making this venue well-suited for intimate instrumental and vocal performances, as well small plays.  Media is available for patron usage after a media request has been confirmed with


The following information is required to establish your reservation:

  • Event Name:  
  • Advisor Contact:           
  • Location of Event:                                                                             
  • Day/Date of Event:                                                                            
  • Time of Event:                                                                                   
  • Media Plans/Equipment:                                                                             
  • Sponsoring Group:                                                                             
  • Event Contact Name & Phone Number: