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Kalamazoo College

Stetson Chapel Wedding Reservations

A four-hour block of time is reserved for a wedding ceremony along with one hour for a rehearsal on the evening before. The chapel is only available for weddings on Saturdays, and the four hours are to include the time needed by the florist to decorate the Chapel. 

Weddings: Saturdays (example time blocks)

11:30am-3:30pm ( for a 2pm wedding)

3:30pm-7:30pm (for a 5pm wedding)

Rehearsals: Fridays




Amenities & Logistics

Dressing Rooms - A lower level bride’s room and choral room are available for dressing.  In addition there are two restrooms that may also be used by you and your guests.

Time Allocation - A  four-hour block of time is reserved for each wedding ceremony and one hour for the rehearsal.  The four hours are to include the time needed by the florist to decorate the Chapel and for photographs after your ceremony.  You may not come in earlier than your scheduled reservation time.  The chapel is an active part of our campus, and there may be other reservations made on they day of your event.

Building Monitor - an individual from Kalamazoo College staff will be present to lock and unlock the Chapel for you, help with lights, and to assist with any problems that may arise. 

Officiant - you may bring in any officiant you desire to officiate at your wedding ceremony. Kalamazoo College does not provide an officiant.

Piano - a grand piano is in place in the chancel and is available for wedding use.  Please keep all floral arrangements and/or dripless candles off of the piano.

Organ - (Wolff & Associates, 1988).  A three manual, 65 rank mechanical action pipe organ in the French style with a 24 level solid-state capture system is housed in the chancel area and is available for wedding use.  However, because the organ in Stetson Chapel is a mechanical action instrument that requires an organist of special expertise and experience, the Kalamazoo College Organist is the organist for all weddings. No exception can be made. 

Other Musicians -  We will gladly provide contact information of other qualified musicians (singers, trumpeters, harpists, string quartet, etc.) if desired.

Decorations -

  • Please limit decorations to flowers, greens, bows and whatever chancel furniture is necessary for the service.
  • Florists should be instructed to arrange deliveries within your reserved time. 
  • Please ask your Florist to park in campus lots only.  Driving on the campus grounds or walkways is prohibited.
  • Dripless candles must be kept off of the organ, piano and organ pipes, but may be used when all other surfaces are protected with plastic (especially the Chapel altar and floor).
  • Please do not use nails, tacks, tape or staples on Chapel furniture, columns or floors.
  • Please do not use floor runners in the Chapel.
  • Please do not drop or throw flower petals (real or silk), rice, and/or bird seed on the Chapel floors or outside.
  • The Chapel does not have candelabras and personal candelabras may not be stored at Stetson Chapel prior to or following your wedding. 

Audio-Visual Media Equipment - Kalamazoo College cannot provide media equipment for your wedding service, but you are welcome to bring your own sound system.

Alcohol -  is prohibited in the Chapel. 

Smoking - is prohibited within any Kalamazoo College building and within 25 feet of any Kalamazoo College building or occupied walkway.

After the Service - Please remove all flowers, flower boxes, candelabras, etc. from the Chapel, the bride’s room, and outside area following your wedding; please do this within your reservation time.  The $500 deposit will be returned to you if the Chapel is returned in the condition which you found it.  Many groups use the Chapel and it is important for each group to remove any items brought in.  Also, please be aware that your ceremony may not be the only campus event in progress on the day of your reservation.

Security/Insurance - Kalamazoo College assumes no liability for any accident that may occur in the building or on the campus that is related to your rental of the facilities.  A $1,000,000 dollar liability policy must be secured from your insurance agent naming the College three weeks before the wedding.  If anything unexpected should happen during your wedding ceremony, the Kalamazoo College staff member on site will call Kalamazoo College Security at (269) 337-7321

To Reserve

Wedding reservations may be made by submitting a reservation request, up to one year to the month in advance. We will confirm availablity and follow up with with more information. Your reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of the full rental fee. 


If you have reserved the Stetson Chapel and there are changes in your wedding plans, please contact us at (269) 337-7047. 

Refunds are pro-rated as indicated below.

  • 75% refund if canceled over 9 months  from event.
  • 50% refund if canceled within 6-9 months of event.
  • No Refund if canceled under 6 months of event.

If you have any questions - please contact us at