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Kalamazoo College

Career Immersion Experiences at K

What is a K-Trek?

K-Treks are multi-day career immersion experiences in which selected students travel outside of Kalamazoo to explore careers of interest by meeting with and learning from professionals in the field, often Kalamazoo College alumni and friends.  K-Treks offer rich opportunities to understand industries from the inside, to make meaningful professional connections, and to get a feel for career life in a particular city.

Students are selected via a competitive application process.

Learn more about the history of and future aspirations for K-Treks.

K Trek PhotoWhat is K in the Zoo?

K in the Zoo trips are half- or full-day K-Treks to Kalamazoo area companies or organizations to learn about the organization and network with the K alumni who work there. Some of these K-Treks may include an opportunity for students to submit résumés for internship or job opportunities. These events do not typically require an application process, though students may need to submit a résumé to participate. Typically students sign up on a first come, first served basis.



K to Stryker: Internships and Career Paths at Stryker, October 13, 2017

K to the Bay: Entrepreneurship and High Tech, San Francisco Bay Area, December 5-8, 2017


K to Bell’s Internships/Careers in the Business and Science of Sustainable Brewing, February 9, 2018


K to the Windy City: Careers in Social and Environmental Justice, June 13-15, 2018