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Kalamazoo College
  • Summertime means internships for K studentsEvery summer, Kalamazoo College students fan out across the globe for summer internships. They gain workplace experience, acquire relevant skills and competencies, and test the academic theories ... Continue reading →

    Bakers to Brewers

    Half a dozen years ago first-year student Eeva Sharp ’13 was baking banana bread in the Trowbridge Hall kitchen when classmate (though, at the time, complete stranger) Trace Redmond ’13 walked in. “Oh, you’re doing it wrong,” he said. Lucky … Continue reading →

    K Grads Secure Next Steps

    A new meta-analysis shows that the Kalamazoo College liberal arts learning experience develops students who are better able than most of their peers to secure the post-graduation outcomes they seek. Last week at its national conference, the National Association of … Continue reading →

    Memories, Mistakes, and Memos

    During summer 2014 rising senior Andrea Johnson completed her third legal internship—this one at the United States Bankruptcy Court in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her reflections on her experience explore the relationship between doubts, misgivings, mistakes, professional and personal growth, and the freedom to fail. ... Continue reading→

    Ten alumni put K on Teach For America top list

    Ten recent Kalamazoo College alumni joined the Teach For America (TFA) corps in 2014. That’s enough to again place the College on the top-20 list of small colleges and universities that supply the greatest number of alumni (on a per capita basis) to TFA. ... Continue reading→

    CCPD 2013-14 Annual Report Released

    The CCPD released its Annual Report (PDF 2.4 MB) in March 2015, along with highlights of the post-graduate plans of the Class of 2014 in the First-Destination Survey Results (PDF 648 KB).

    Highlights of the 2013-14 report include:

    • 91% of reporting graduates seeking employment secured it by year end.
    • 23% of reporting graduates enrolled in graduate school by year end.
    • The CCPD offered direct service to 66% of the student population in 2013-14.
    • Overall attendance at CCPD events was 1,692; alumni event attendance was 248.
    • Membership in the Kalamazoo College Guilds reached 2,334 in summer 2014.