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from Joan Hawxhurst

Why Hire a K Student?

August 31, 2015 at 3:56 pm
By Joan Hawxhurst

Why hire a K student? Here are my top ten reasons employers should consider Kalamazoo College students for their entry-level positions:

10.  They are eager lifelong learners, genuinely interested in a wide variety of topics and knowledgeable about how to access reliable information and opinions.

9. They are able to juggle competing priorities, having mastered success in demanding coursework, involvement in multiple extracurricular activities, leadership in and out of the classroom, and sometimes even athletics and campus jobs.

8. Their immersive, integrated study abroad experience, where they are forced outside their comfort zone to navigate a new country and culture on their own, makes them adaptable, humble, and open to perspectives other than their own.

7. They work really hard, because they have been expected to for the last four years.

6.  They write well and are able to express complex ideas with elegance and clarity, after taking writing-intensive courses throughout their college experience.

5.  They have had the opportunity to be mentored by top-of-their-game alumni professionals through the Kalamazoo College Guilds.

4.  Their ethical judgment has been honed by interactions with world-renowned human rights advocates and social justice leaders through K’s Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership.

3. They have complemented their classroom learning with real-world experiences including service-learning, externships and internships, and undergraduate research, and they have reflected on and connected the dots between all of these,

2.  They have proven themselves as independent scholars and researchers through completion of a Senior Individualized Project,


1.  The rigor of their academic and co-curricular experiences has given them depth and breadth of knowledge and exposure to new ideas that will allow them to flourish in a fast-paced ever-changing 21st century workplace.

To learn more about hiring K graduates, please visit the CCPD’s Employer Resources page.

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