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from Joan Hawxhurst

The Value of the CCPD Website

March 29, 2016 at 8:10 am
By Joan Hawxhurst

If you haven’t spent much time there, you might be surprised at how much relevant information you can access via the CCPD’s website.  We’ve worked hard to fill our web pages with up-to-date tips and links to useful data and advice.

For busy students who can’t make it into our office during business hours, a treasure trove of valuable resources are available 24/7 on our website.  There are more than twenty great links from the Student Resources tab on the left-hand nav bar.  For example, students can access an electronic version of our handy four-year planning folder (a hard copy of which is distributed to all first-year students during their first fall at K), My Life After K.  They can find resources on applying to graduate school, taking a gap year after graduation, or getting started on your job search.

Via the left-hand nav bar, students can also access all the details about doing summer externships and internships through our office. And schedules for our flagship Professional Development Institute and twice-yearly Recruiting Expos.

For anyone interested in knowing where our students go after graduation, we offer five years of data on the first-destinations of all of K’s majors.  You can find more about each class year’s first destinations, or about how the CCPD engages with students across class years, in our most recent annual report.

We’ve created special pages for alumni with opportunities to share with current students.  We even include detailed examples of the various ways alumni may choose to engage with students as they refer internships in their workplaces.

For employers interested in learning more about our students, we offer an introduction to the outstanding performance of K students on the Collegiate Learning Assessment, which measures their critical thinking and academic engagement.  We offer a variety of ways for potential employers and graduate schools to connect with our students at local recruiting events on our campus and at our neighbor, Western Michigan University.

For parents of current students, we’ve created a list of ten ways they can support and encourage their student’s career development.

On the CCPD website, you can meet our professional staff and our team of student career associates.

No matter what time of day or where you are in the world, you can access the CCPD instantly through our web pages. We invite you to visit electronically soon (and when you’re in the neighborhood, come see us on campus on the first floor of Dewing Hall). We look forward to your visit!