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Kalamazoo College

Participant Responsibilities

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If you are selected to participate in a Discovery Externship opportunity you will be notified by the CCPD based on the current year's timeline. Please note the following important information for students participating in the externship program:

  • All selected Discovery Externship participants should follow the instructions in their electronic notification letters by the deadline. This confirms your solid commitment to the externship opportunity.
  • Read/Sign the General Release for Externship Participation (log into Handshake to access General Release).
  • Set up Direct Deposit to receive funding for travel-related expenses deposited directly to a bank account. It takes 3-4 weeks to establish. Check with the Business Office if you have questions about Direct Deposit.
  • Contact the host to arrange specific dates and discuss the details of your externship. Your flexibility in setting the dates and working through the details with the host is necessary throughout this process.
  • Attend one required pre-externship orientation, held during spring quarter. At that time, the CCPD will provide you with information aimed to help you maximize your externship experience. Students who do not attend an orientation may forfeit their opportunity to participate in the program. During these orientations, we will cover the nuts and bolts of the program—including the finances, deadlines, and travel details.
  • Complete and submit your Discovery Externship Details & Arrangements Form to the CCPD as soon as your externship dates have been determined, but no later than the deadline.
  • Complete and submit your Externship Completion Materials. Materials are due 2 weeks following the completion of the externship.