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Kalamazoo College
23 - Capri x Hannah Whistler

Study Abroad/Away Program Information

HPP block image

Click the HornetPassort link above to view Study Abroad/Away Program information


What is Hornet Passport or HPP

HPP is the on-line application system students use to research and apply for study abroad/away programs. Students will use their K credentials(computer ID and password) to log into the system. If you encounter any difficulties, please email

Getting Started

  • Starting with the study abroad approved program list, review requirements for each program.
    • Programs Focus
    • Program Information
    • Application Information
    • Credit Transfer
    • Budget Information
  • Using the search feature in Hornet Passport, simply choose a program, click the link and view the program’s brochure page.  This in-depth page provides an overview, fact sheet and program description.
  • After you have researched and narrowed your choices down, schedule an appointment with a CIP Peer Advisor to discuss the details about your desired program.
  • Click the button to start your application. Apply Now Button
  • Bookmark HPP