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Health, Safety, and Emergency Resources

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Emergency Contacts

  • For After-Hours Study Abroad Emergencies please call Campus Security at (269) 337-7321. If you can, provide security with the name of your site’s Program Manager. That would be either Margaret Wiedenhoeft, Narda McClendon or Alayna Pelfresne, depending on the site.  Security will then call that manager or another appropriate manager who will assess and address the emergency.
  • The Counseling Center  Emergency phone number is (269) 598-6907

Healthy Travel Resources

Travel Safety Resources

If you are concerned about -- or just interested in -- the level of safety and security in any part of the world, the U.S. Department of State maintains a comprehensive international travel website for each country. There you can find information on crime, safety, medical facilities, entry/exit requirements, and much more, including safety bulletins as soon as they are issued.

Safety bulletins
(also known as travel warnings) are issued when events or threats in a city, country, or region lead the U.S. Department of State to warn traveling U.S. citizens about possible safety or security concerns. The Center for International Programs recommends that parents and students pay attention to the travel warnings issued by the Department of State prior to departure and while the student is abroad.

The Center for International Programs'
staff carefully monitors current events in every study abroad site through international media and through our contacts and staff abroad. The CIP also receives regular updates from the U.S. embassies closest to our sites. If there is any concern about the safety of our students abroad, the CIP maintains close contact with parents, students, and our contacts abroad to resolve any problems.

  • U.S. Embassy/Consulate Travel Registration - we urge you to register online! It's easy, and registration allows you to record information about your upcoming trip abroad that the U.S. Department of State can use to assist you in case of an emergency. Americans residing abroad can also get routine information from the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.
  • Students Abroad - Ready to buckle up, put on your headphones, peruse your in-flight magazine, and begin your travel adventure? Not so fast! Check out this site first!
  • Culture of Safety - A practical guide to studying abroad
  • Association for Safe International Road Travel - ASIRT is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that promotes global road safety through education, advocacy, and targeted road safety projects in low and middle income countries.