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Kalamazoo College

Your 17-18 CIP Peer Advisors

PAs 15-16








Major/Minor: Chemistry major with a Music minor

Study Abroad Site: Perth, Australia

Favorite Experience abroad: Learning about Aboriginal culture and their history

Message to those going abroad: Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. It can be scary at first but you have to be brave and branch out to make the experience your own.



Major/Minor: Double major in English with an emphasis on writing and Psychology

Study Abroad Site: Aberdeen, Scotland

Favorite experience abroad: I loved being able to hike in Northern Scotland and go to different castles on the weekends. Also, seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had. 

Message to those going abroad: One of the greatest things about being abroad is learning how to deal with adversity and adapt to a new culture. Embrace the challenges, and push yourself to try things you wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to experience.




Major/Minor: Chemistry major with a concentration in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 

Study Abroad site: San Jose, Costa Rica

Favorite experience abroad: Watching the sun set from the las isletas de Granada (Nicaragua)

Message to those going abroad: Feeling uncomfortable is when some of the most important learning occurs. Studying abroad will definitely have its fair share of uncomfortable moments. Embrace it!



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