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Welcome New Students

Why should YOU study abroad?

There's been a lot of discussion about why students should study abroad. At one time, many were sure that the internet would replace actually being abroad. Well, I’ve been to the Paris homepage and I’ve been to Paris. I prefer being in Paris!

When we ask our K alumni about the benefits of study abroad, they respond that it was a time of learning independence -- of having to be truly responsible for their own lives and activities: learning to navigate a strange city, often in a foreign language; learning to navigate a foreign university; learning how to make new friends and how to fit in; making their own arrangements for travel; living in a homestay and learning to be part of a host family.

Many say that study abroad changed their lives. They acquired new perspectives of themselves, their country, and the world around them.

Dr. Margaret Wiedenhoeft
Executive Director, Center for International Programs

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1st yr Flyer Fall 2017

Enhance Your Career Opportunities

In our age of increased globalization, having an international experience can benefit students moving to globally competitive organizations. However, "the value of study abroad depends on how well the student can reflect on his or her experience. Then they must successfully articulate to the employer the skills gained and how these skills/competencies can apply in the workplace."*

After a study abroad experience, K's Career and Professional Development  staff can assist you in learning how to articulate to employers the skills and competencies that you've gained. For an idea of how you might build on a study abroad experience to enhance your future career opportunities, take a look at the following resources:

Maximizing the Career Value of Your Study Abroad Choice and Experience

How to Include Study Abroad on Your Resume

*From the Collegiate Employment Research Institute(CERI) Research Brief 1-2008


Preparation for Study Abroad

New to K? Here are some things you can do NOW to prepare for study abroad:

  • Like the CIP Peer Advisor Facebook page
  • Attend First Year Forums and Smorgasbords
  • Passport Tips!
  • Browse programs on Hornet Passport
  • Explore the CIP website
  • Visit the CIP Resource Room
  • Take the First Year Survey
  • Talk to past participants from programs that interest you
  • Attend a CIP Reflections in the Chapel!
  • Maintain good academic AND social standing
  • Meet and maintain the minimum GPA required by your desired program(s)
  • Take action to insure you can qualify for your desired program's minimum language requirement
  • Talk to your parents so they (and you) can be prepared for study abroad application and pre-departure processes

 Study Away is an Option Too!

In addition to study abroad, K College also offers study away opportunities. New York Arts offers a field-based experiential education experience specific to media, performing, or the visual arts. Oak Ridge Science broadens students' perspectives and exposes them to the wide range of research at ORNL in Tennessee. Borders Studies engages students in some of today’s most urgent social, economic, and ecological matters along the borderlands of of Arizona. At Chicago's Newberry Seminar, liberal arts undergraduates work alongside leading researchers.  

For details see Study Away Programs