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The Integrative Cultural Project

ICRP Prep and Choosing a Topic
2015-16 & 17 ICRP Handbook
Past ICRPs
CCPD's Resume Guidelines

The Integrative Cultural Project (ICRP) is a component of the academic program of selected Kalamazoo-sponsored study abroad programs. The primary goal of the ICRP is the integration of students into local cultures, and the development of an ability to appreciate the cultural values around which local people organize their daily tasks. Other important goals of the project are:

  • Improved target language use
  • Increased understanding of the local culture
  • First-hand experience with a facet of everyday life in the host culture
  • Opportunities to interact in meaningful ways with local people
  • Opportunities to apply knowledge of the host culture
  • Encouragement of the application of intercultural skills

Students and local project coordinators develop structured hands-on learning experiences that  that reflect your academic, career, or extracurricular interests. Occasionally, students complete apprenticeships, develop visual exhibits or arrange and give performances. All of these are suitable options if resources at the program site can support them.

The ICRP gives you the opportunity to earn 1 K-unit of academic credit while abroad. You will submit a final essay to the Resident Director (RD) or Project Coordinator (PC) in the host country before the end of the academic program. The  RD or PC evaluates the essay and submits a project grade to the Center for International Programs. Each program will have its own approach to the project as well as resources and requirements. For this reason  students should not expect ICRPs to be handled in the same way at every site. The following Long- and/or Extended-Term study abroad programs include an ICRP:

  • Australia - Perth
  • China - Beijing only
  • Costa Rica - San José
  • Ecuador - Quito, Liberal Arts only
  • Japan - Hikone, Long-Term only
  • France - Clermont and Strasbourg
  • Germany - Bonn and Erlangen
  • Kenya - Nairobi
  • Mexico - Oaxaca
  • Sénégal - Dakar
  • Spain - Madrid and Caceres
  • Thailand - Chiang Mai

Exploring possible project topics before traveling abroad will help you develop a successful project.  For this reason students preparing for the listed programs complete an ICRP Worksheet and an ICRP Résumé. To find out more about preparing for your ICRP, completing your ICRP Worksheet, and developing your ICRP Résumé, refer to the links at the top of this page or to the ICRP materials and questionnaire on your Hornet Passport Home Page.