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Study Abroad Handbook

Study Abroad Handbook

The Center for International Programs staff is committed to working with you as an engaged partner in this process. Study abroad is exciting; however, it also requires a lot of effort on your part before you even arrive in the host country.

Each of us in the CIP understands the anxiety and excitement this brings. We look forward to guiding you towards resources and information that will assist you during the advising, application, orientation, pre-departure, and reintegration processes. Much of this information exists right here, in the Study Abroad Handbook. We strongly encourage you to read it to prepare yourself for these processes and your study abroad experience!

On the website you will find excerpts from the handbook, It is ultimately the student’s responsibility to become familiar with all Study Abroad policies, regulations and guidelines. 

 SA 2018-2019 cover P&P 

Click on the image to download the PDF of the handbook for a comprehensive 
understanding of policies and procedures for study abroad.