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Academics: Policies and Information

Academic Credit
Course Selection
Integrative Cultural Project


All academic work completed in the study abroad program is certified by the Associate Provost of the Center for International Programs and the Registrar and recorded on the student’s Kalamazoo College academic transcript on the basis of examinations and reports supplied by supervisors and teachers abroad.

Students should be prepared to provide the Registrar, the departments, and/or the CIP with complete course materials (syllabus, assignments, reading lists, and completed work) for courses that they wish to use to meet specific requirements, especially in the major.

In most cases, students may expect grades from study abroad to be processed 8 to 12 weeks after the completion of the program. In some cases there may be a delay because the host institution will not release transcripts due to fees or fines due from the student. 


Many of the study abroad programs approved by the CIP for transfer of academic credit allow students to select their courses from a larger set of courses or from regular university “liberal arts course” offerings. 


Students are encouraged to investigate the types of assessment used by the host university and study abroad program during the application process to study abroad.


No independent study, including “distance education” courses, for credit may be pursued in any study abroad program, without prior approval from the Associate Provost of the CIP.


Students who wish to fulfill Physical Education (P.E.) credits while abroad must present proof of participation in an athletic activity to the Associate Provost of the Center for International Programs within the first 6 weeks of the quarter following study abroad. 


The Integrative Cultural Project (ICRP) is a component of the academic program of selected Kalamazoo-sponsored study abroad programs. The primary goal of the ICRP integration of students into local cultures, and the development of an ability to appreciate the cultural values around which local people organize their daily tasks.  All ICRPs must be conducted in the host city. Other important goals of the project are:

  • Improved target language use
  • Increased understanding of the local culture
  • First-hand experience with a facet of everyday life in the culture
  • Opportunities to interact in meaningful ways with local people
  • Opportunities to apply knowledge of the host culture
  • Encourage the application of intercultural skills

The project should also encourage students to move from comparing their host culture to their home culture to a perspective that will allow them to understand the “rightness” of the behaviors and activities of local people within their cultural contexts and function appropriately within those contexts. 

The following study abroad programs include an ICRP:

Perth, Australia   Clermont, France   Oaxaca, Mexico
Beijing, China   Bonn, Germany    Dakar, Senegal
San Jose, Costa Rica       Erlangen, Germany   Caceres, Spain
Quito, Ecuador (Liberal Arts   Hikone, Japan (Long Term)   Madrid, Spain
Strasbourg, France    Nairobi, Kenya    Chiang Mai, Thailand


The ICRP is an experiential learning opportunity with two major components-the field experience and the final essay.


All grades earned on study abroad fall within the College's general policies on transfer credit.  Study abroad grades will be reviewed, translated, and certified by the Center for International Programs and will be recorded by the Registrar on the official Kalamazoo College transcript according to the Kalamazoo “A, B, C” grading system.

Students seeking a grade change for a course taken on study abroad must petition the Center for International Programs no later than six weeks after the Registrar has posted the grades on the student’s Kalamazoo College transcript.


Students must complete all course work while they are enrolled in the academic program abroad; no “Incompletes” will be given for course work abroad.


Attendance is required at all classes while on study abroad except in cases of illness and/or emergencies beyond the student’s control. There is no such thing as a “permissible cut.”


Students are not permitted to underload or withdraw from courses while on study abroad/study away.

Students wishing to withdraw from a course, must first submit the “Course Withdrawal Form” to the CIP. Approved withdrawal petitions will be sent by the CIP to the study abroad/study away partner institution.


With the exception of personal and family emergencies where the student and the Associate Provost for International Programs have made appropriate arrangements with the host institution, students must remain in the program abroad for its entire duration in order to receive credit.


All requests for changes to the length of a program must be submitted in writing or email to the CIP. The CIP cannot process verbal or telephone requests. 

Any costs associated with changes to program length will be borne by the student. 


Students who withdraw or are dismissed from the study abroad program after being admitted will forfeit the non-refundable deposit.

The Associate Provost or Associate Director of the CIP reserves the right to withdraw or dismiss students from the study abroad program for violations of College policy or regulations, disruptive behavior or conduct which could bring the program into disrepute, misuse and/or abuse of alcohol or drugs, medical or academic grounds; or behavior that poses a danger.

Students, who withdraw without permission will not be eligible for any academic credits that would have been earned and will, in a separate administrative action, automatically be withdrawn from the College. These regulations also apply in the case of dismissal from the program. If students participate in the study abroad program and subsequently withdraw from the College prior to graduation, the Board of Trustees has directed that these students must pay $1,300 before their academic transcripts will be released.

Students who withdraw with the permission of the Associate Provost of the Center for International Programs after the program abroad has begun may be entitled to a partial refund as specified in the College’s policies and may be eligible to receive grades of W (withdrawal) on their Kalamazoo College academic transcript.