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Kalamazoo College


Anne Haeckl
Phone: 269-337-7112

Senior Instructor

Anne Haeckl is Co-Chair of the Classics Department

Room 104

Elizabeth Manwell
Phone: 269-337-7405

Associate Professor

Dr. Manwell is Co-Chair of the Classics Department.

Room 106


Joshua Hartman
Phone: 269-337-7437

Visiting Professor

Room 205Josh Hartman Visiting Professor

Joshua Hartman received his PhD in Classics from the University of Washington in 2016.  His training in Classics was supplemented by a semester at the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome (2009), as well as a DAAD Fellowship for Research at the University of Münster (Germany) in 2013-2014).    His teaching interests include Greek and Latin prose of all periods, especially late antiquity (~200-500 C.E.), Latin poetry (especially Vergil, Catullus, and Claudian), Roman history, and STEM in antiquity.  He is the author of papers and talks on a wide variety of subjects, including the Roman emperor Julian, the Republican orator Cicero’s approach to memory, and the reception of classical literature in the decolonizing Caribbean, particularly Puerto Rico.  His current research examines the relationship between poetry, memory, and collective identity in the late Roman empire.



Deia Sportel
Phone: 269-337-7043

Academic Office Coordinator

Humphrey House room 110