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Science & Social Justice

The Science and Social Justice Project is an initiative of the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership (ACSJL) at Kalamazoo College and the Division of Medical Sciences located in the Harvard Medical School. Led by the project team of Drs. Lisa Brock, Jonathan Beckwith and Regina Stevens-Truss, this project aims to study and further the praxis of social justice within all scientific fields. Science has both the potential to contribute to the enlightenment and welfare of all people, and the potential to harm, divide and discriminate against people.  Science has provided an understanding of our origins and our world through such scientific advances as the theory of evolution and has devised treatments for and even eradicated some diseases (e.g., smallpox).  Yet, at the same time, science has exploited people of color and the poor for scientific study, contributed to the development of horrific weapons (e.g., chemical, biological and nuclear), and presented theories that support discrimination.  These negative consequences of scientific activity do not simply represent the misuse of scientists’ “neutral” work by society.  Rather, the work of scientists to understand, change and build upon that world is always value-laden and takes place within a historical, social, and political context.  Our goal is to increase the understanding of how science is influenced by these contexts and to further social responsibility in science through promoting the value of social justice in scientific education and research. In order to achieve this goal, this Project seeks to identify, connect, and coordinate scholars doing science and social justice teaching and research.


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