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Kalamazoo College

Resident Meal Plans

All residents except those in campus apartments or living learning housing units are required to carry a meal plan.  Dining Services Meal Plans offers a combination of weekly meals and K Cash dollars.  Choose a plan that is right for you.

20 Plan Premium 20 meals per week + $115 K Cash per term
20 Plan  20 meals per week + $15 K Cash per term
15 Plan Premium 15 meals per week + $125 K Cash per term
15 Plan 15 meals per week + $25 K Cash per term
10 Plan Premium 10 meals per week + $135 K Cash per term
10 Plan  10 meals per week + $35 K Cash per term



Flex Meal Exchange

Flex Meal Exchange is designed to accommodate a students schedule as they can choose to eat in three different dining facilities throughout the day.  Students can choose the location to use their meal swipe but may not share with other guests or students.

Meal Cards

Selection of a Dining Services Meal Plan entitles you to a Meal Card, which allows you purchasing power equivalent to the plan you have selected.

Meal Cards are non-transferable.  Meal Cards cannot be used by anyone but the purchaser.

Lost card?   Go to the Security Office to get a new one for a $10 fee.  For security reasons, we cannot allow a student to enter the dining hall without their student ID or with another ID.

Seconds Policy

You never have to be too shy to ask for seconds with a Dining Services meal plan. Our generous policy allows for a second helping of many menu favorites. All you have to do is ask! Please note, however, dishes and utensils are not allowed to be taken out of the dining hall.

Please direct any meal plan questions to: