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Kalamazoo College


Institutional Resources

Institutional Reference Materials

External Resources and Information

"Making Excellence Inclusive", Association of American Colleges & Universities

"Talking about Race, Learning about Racism: The Application of Racial Identity Theory Development in the Classroom",  Beverly Daniel Tatum, Harvard Educational Review, Spring 1992 Issue

"White Institutional Presence: the Impact of Whiteness on Campus Climate", Diane Lynn Gusa, Harvard Educational Review, Winter 2010 Issue

Is Reconciliation Possible? Lessons from Combating "Modern Racism" [pdf] Valerie Batts, Visions, Inc., 2002

Can We Talk? Michael Blanding, Harvard Graduate School of Education, 2007

Men of Color: Ensuring the Academic Success of Latino Males in Higher Education [pdf], Victor B. Saenz & Luis Ponjuan, Institute for Higher Education Policy, 2011

Ask Me: What LGBTQ Students Want Their Professors to Know [video], The Chronicle of Education, 2015

Additional References

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