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Kalamazoo College

VISIONS Multicultural Training

Among other  initiatives, each year since 2009, the College has enabled approximately 40 faculty and staff members to participate in multicultural training.  To date, 159 faculty and staff members (or nearly 43% of employees) have completed a two-day workshop designed to develop their capacity to build an inclusive campus environment by:

  • Learning a common language and framework for understanding diversity, multiculturalism, pluralism, equity, inclusion and related terms;
  •  Understanding the multicultural process of change model within the context of the College’s desired diversity/inclusiveness goals;
  • Understanding the consequences of personal, interpersonal, cultural and institutional bias on faculty, staff, and students, quality of campus life, student learning, and overall achieving the College’s mission and goals;
  • Increasing participants’ ability to recognize, understand, and appreciate cultural differences and their impact on the campus climate; and
  • Enhancing cultural competency skills in service of increasing one’s personal capacity to help create an inclusive campus environment.

Our goal in providing this ongoing educational experience is to enable a wide array of faculty and staff members to intentionally work toward a more inclusive and welcoming campus community starting with their own work places and environments.