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Kalamazoo College

Responding to Campus Incidents

While we at K work toward a diverse and inclusive community, we have also experienced incidents of intolerance and incivility.  The Kalamazoo College community supports the exercise of free speech and divergent opinions, while affirming that intolerant and uncivil behavior are inappropriate. 

When such events are reported to Security, Residential Life, the Dean of Students, or other offices, the College investigates the incident.  If appropriate, we will involve local law enforcement personnel.  Our goals are attend closely to students who have been directly affected by the incident, collect as much information as possible, document the incident, and identify the responsible parties.  We notify the campus of such incidents via the campus email system, and we reiterate that such behavior is inconsistent with the values of Kalamazoo College.   We have also worked with students who wish to respond to such incidents in constructive ways.

If you observe or are subjected to an incidence of intolerance or incivility in the residence halls, please notify Residential Life or Security staff members immediately.  If an incident occurs elsewhere on campus, please notify Security staff immediately.