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Kalamazoo College


Workshops and Training

  • Capacity and competence-building continues with faculty and staff participation in VISIONS, Inc. annual two day workshops.  As of December 2014, nearly 60 percent of faculty and staff have completed at least one workshop
  • ERACCE, a Kalamazoo based anti-racism training organization has been offered to a cross-section of students, faculty, and staff.
  • An eight-week "Insight Dialogue" training program was offered beginning in January 2014, and a campus developed three-session extension of the VISIONS work, called VISIONS+Voices, will commence in April 2015 and focus on microaggressions; monoculture, pluralism, and multiculturalism, and marginalization on campus.

Recruiting of Faculty and Staff

  • The faculty search handbook has been revised to provide greater assistance in recruiting and developing strong, diverse candidate pools, and the Provost meets with each search committee to set expectations related to diversity.
  • The Director of Human Resources has developed a network of locations and resources to attract strong, diverse candidate pools for administrative and staff positions.

Curricular Programs

In late 2014, the faculty approved the establishment of a new Critical Ethnic Studies program that, among other academic work, will design and disburse curriculum that reflects and exercises multiple voices and worldviews derived from knowledges and ways of knowing that have been silenced or made invisible.

Grant Funding to Support Institutional Change

In December 2014, the College received a $616,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to build faculty capacity in thinking more deeply about issues of diversity and inclusion in the classroom and curriculum, to launch the newly approved Critical Ethnic Studies major, and to supplement and restructure intercultural work implemented through the division of Student Development.  This funding will also help revise courses across the curriculum and will develop greater faculty and staff in-house training resources.

Task Force

As an extension of the College's strategic plan goal of "becoming an inclusive, student-focused campus", a Sense of Belonging implementation Task Force was established in late 2014.  Charged with thinking carefully, concretely, and strategically about how the College can cultivate a Sense of Belonging that helps all students thrive, the task force will provide a report to President's Staff by the end of the 2014-15 academic year.

Diversity & Inclusion Mini-Grant Program

A mini-grant program was created to support ongoing faculty & staff efforts to improve diversity and inclusion.