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Kalamazoo College

Current Assessment Activities

framework diagram In this section we provide descriptions of assessment projects, recently completed or currently underway (as of June 2017), at Kalamazoo College.

Educational quality of Kalamazoo College learning environments is assessed in a variety of ways that provide answers to Peter Ewell’s four questions and thereby illuminate elements of educational quality.

  • To what degree do our students attain intended learning outcomes?
  • What are patterns and trends in student retention, participation, and graduation?
  • What are perceptions of and opinions about the College’s learning environments?
  • Does the College have an appropriate “mix” of academic majors and programs?

For example, some of the College’s learning outcomes are assessed by examining student records to verify whether students have explored a variety of fields of inquiry and that students have completed in-depth study in a major. Other outcomes are assessed better with instruments that require students to demonstrate at the end of their college career, or shortly after graduation through performance on-the-job or in graduate school, that they have requisite skills and dispositions to function well beyond college. And, opinions about the College’s learning environments are gathered through nationally-based and locally developed surveys.