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Kalamazoo College

Past Events

  • Recently, Farms to K has been collaborating with the Administration, the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership, and members of various student groups to work on combing through the Local Food Purchasing Policy that has been drafted by Farms to K into something that the College can adopt within the next year.  This is a very exciting step for our school!  Please contact us if you would like to be a part of this process.
  • The Farms to K Annual Cook-off was held on Monday, May 23, 2011.  Eight teams competed under the challenge to use as much local food as possible in their recipes.  There were three prizes awarded:  The "Real Food" award, decided by the judges as the recipe that used the most real food, The "Judges Award", based off of local food use and taste, and the "People's Choice" award, which was voted on by the guests.  The winners were: 
    • Real Food Award:  The Slow Food House, serving a squash risotto from garden-grown squash.
    • Judges Award:  Team Pomegranate, serving Envuelto de Esparogos
    • People's Choice Award:  Cafe Dewing, serving a Flan, asparagus quiche and Waterstreet Coffee

We had over 60 people attend the cook-off and it was a huge success!  We welcome suggestions for next year.

  • The "Farms to K Valentine's Day Dinner" was held on February 14th 2011.  This year, Farms to K partnered with an additional service-learning organization, MiRA, a group that advocates for the rights of migrant workers to theme the dinner around the education of farm worker's rights.  Farms to K and MiRA worked with the College's food service provider, Sodexho, to create a menu of dishes using mostly local food.  This has become an annual event and we look forward to holding it again next year.  Click here for the MENU and SOURCING info. 
  • Farms to K meeting with Susan Matheson:  In January of 2011, Farms to K met with the new General Manager of Sodexo, Susan Matheson to discuss how Sodexo can further the realization of the goals fo Farms to K in our school's food program.  Susan was very open to hearing new ideas, and tried out having "Meatless Mondays" in the cafeteria this spring in order to save money for "Free Range Fridays", where free range meat will be served.  Farms to K is very excited about these new changes.  Group member Rebecca Cummins-Lanter has been working with Susan through her roll as Sustainability Liasion to Sodexo.
  • Farms to K Panel Discussion:  This was an annual homecoming alumni panel discussion which served local food and informed the current student body about how various alumni have incorporated food issues into their post-college lives.