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Kalamazoo College

Project Overview

  • Design

    This study is made possible through the participation of 26 faculty/staff advisors and 120 First-Year students. The project was launched with this cohort of students in the Fall of 2011 and will continue through Spring 2015 as students engage in their version of the K-Plan: Kalamazoo College's unique approach to an undergraduate education.
  • Methods

    The project's design highlights a unique combination of high-impact practices already built into the K-Plan, some novel advising practices meant to encourage breadth in liberal arts coursework, and in-depth assessment and evaluation techniques.
    • Learning Communities
      Educational settings that promote collaborative and coherent learning experiences and encourage students (and faculty) to learn together rather than apart.
    • K-Plan Commonplace
      Though still under development, K-Plan Commonplace is a student's record of engagement in various parts of a Kalamazoo College education, accompanied by the student's reflections on that education.
    • Structured Reflection
      Structured reflection is a process that can catalyze transformational learning by employing intentionally designed exercises, activities, or assignments that help students (and others) interrogate, make connections between, and examine consonance or dissonance between personal conceptions, community of practice conceptions, and experiences encountered.
    • K-Guides
      K-Guides help students identify and pursue passions, adjust to college, engage in high impact practices, and integrate the various parts of their college experience through collaborative structured reflection that focuses on constructing each student's K-Plan Commonplace.