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The First-Year Experience

Kalamazoo College prides itself in its strong First-Year Experience (FYE) Program, which weaves together hands-on involvement, experiential learning, and mentorship within the context of a rigorous academic life. Key components of the program include Advising, First-Year Forums, First-Year Seminar, Peer Leaders, Residential Life, and Summer Common Reading. With these pillars, the FYE helps K students to:

  • achieve academic success
  • identify and pursue passions
  • connect with Kalamazoo College and the greater Kalamazoo communities
  • construct complex intercultural understandings
  • develop a purpose-filled and balanced life

 If you have any questions about FYE, please feel free to contact us!

Dana Jansma, Associate Dean of Students, First-Year Experience
and Student Transition

(269) 337-7210

Jennifer Einspahr, First-Year Class Dean
Associate Professor of Political Science
Olds/Upton 305A
(269) 337-7059