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Kalamazoo College

Benefits Review Group (BRG)

 Membership (term end date)

Approved by President’s Staff 1 March 2011

Committee Charge

Benefits Review Group (BRG) members will attain basic knowledge about all employee benefits offered by the College, and will analyze and review the benefit programs, taking into consideration diverse needs and budgetary limitations.

The BRG will review on an annual basis the health related benefits, including health insurance, Flexible Benefits Plan and Emeriti Retirement Health Plan, and will advise the President’s Staff regarding any changes the BRG recommends for the following plan year. BRG will also review as needed the benefits other than health, which currently include life and long term disability insurance, 403(b) plans, tuition remission and staff time off benefits (vacation, emergency/sick leave).

Principles for BRG membership

  • Proportional representation of all employee groups
  • Four-year terms designed to develop knowledge and provide continuity
  • Broad, institutional perspective rather than narrow or solely personal interests

BRG membership

In addition to on-going membership of VP for Business/Finance and HR Director, committee members will include:

  • 2 faculty
  • 2 administrative staff
  • 2 facilities management staff
  • 2 office support staff
  • 2 retirees for discussion of health insurance, and consulted as needed for other issues.

Members will serve four year terms with one quarter replaced annually.

Selection process

Faculty: Appointed by president after consultation with FEC.

Staff: President will receive recommendations from President’s Staff members and constituent groups. Interested individuals may nominate themselves. President will appoint members from the combined pool of candidates.

Retiree: Volunteers or recommendations, discussed by President’s Staff, then appointed by President.