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Kalamazoo College

Distribution Lists and Listserves

System-wide Email Distribution Lists

A system-wide distribution list is one that is available to all users. System-wide lists must be approved by the Kalamazoo College Information Services department. Lists are generally used to facilitate the sending of email to groups of people such as a department or committee.

  • Distribution lists may be requested by a faculty member or staff member.
  • Requests for distribution lists should be submitted via email to the Help Desk and include a list of all email account names to be included in the list. The submitter is responsible for the accuracy of the list of names.
  • IS can give a designated faculty or staff member rights to update the distribution list directly if that is appropriate in a given situation.


Listserves are also available. The process for requesting a listserve is the same as for a distribution list.

What is the difference between a distribution list and a listserve?

The primary differences are listed below. Generally, we recommend distribution lists for announcement type mailing lists and listserves for discussion-oriented lists.

Distribution Lists Listserves
maintained by Information Services or by users maintained by users
can contain only addresses flexible security
  messages automatically archived on server
  can be configured to create message digests