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Kalamazoo College

Network File Storage

Every faculty and staff account has a personal file area on the server for saving files.  PC users are automatically connected to this file area as the M: drive when they log into the network. Mac users in offices can connect to their share at: smb://kfiles/khornet$ where khornet is your username.

Students also have personal file areas accessible when they log into lab systems.  They are encouraged to save class-related files on the network where they will be backed up rather than on the local lab hard drive where they will be lost.

Many departments have network file shares which store shared and collaborative information within a department. To request a department share, please contact the Help Desk.


All server file systems are backed up onto tape daily. Additionally, copies of files are retained for immediate restoration through the "Previous Versions" feature in Windows.

Tape backups are kept for approximately four weeks, during which deleted files may be recoverable.  If you have a file recovery need, contact the Help Desk.  It is the responsibility of the user to backup files on desktop PCs.  For that reason, we recommend saving files to your network drive rather than the local PC disk.

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