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Kalamazoo College

Access to Student Rooms by Information Services

Information Services (IS) is responsible for maintenance of the data, telecommunications and video networks in College buildings, including residence halls and living learning units. This includes end-point connections in student rooms. This responsibility will occasionally require IS personnel to access student rooms. IS personnel may include either full time staff members or students hired as Student Computer Consultants (SCCs).

Maintenance of College Property and Emergency Access
In the event that access to a student room is necessary for maintenance of college property or in the event of an emergency (for example, a computer that must be immediately disconnected from the College network due to some problem with it) the following guidelines will be used to minimize the disruption to students.

  1. If possible, the work will be completed via an appointment with the student resident and under the guidelines listed below in the section "Assistance With Student Computers".
  2. If an appointment has not been made, the following guidelines will be used when entering a student room. "Staff" in this section refers to IS professional staff only and is not meant to include SCCs or residential hall staff.
    1. SCCs do not have keys to residence halls or living learning units and should never enter another student's room without explicit permission of the resident of said room.
    2. IS staff will knock and identify themselves. If there is no response, staff will unlock and open the door and identify themselves once again before fully entering the room. If there is still no response, the staff may enter the room to complete the work project. Staff will leave the room immediately if they find a student asleep or otherwise unprepared.
    3. Students are expected to accommodate the work schedule of Information Services staff to facilitate their attempts to meet the maintenance needs of the College. However, students may refuse immediate access if they are sleeping, dressing, or showering. Staff and students are expected to agree on an alternative time when the staff member will return to complete the work. If access is denied a second time or an alternative time cannot be agreed upon, the issue will be referred to the Associate Provost for Information Services for resolution of the problem.
    4. IS staff may disconnect student property from College property to complete maintenance or if the student property is causing a problem. However, the IS staff member will not take any action beyond disconnection unless in the presence of the owner of the equipment and with their explicit permission.
    5. The IS staff member will leave a note in a plainly visible location indicating who was there, when they were there, and what was done in the student's room.

Assistance With Student Computers
An IS worker, who might be a full time employee or an SCC, may also at times require access to student rooms to assist students with various computer problems. Assistance with a student's personal computer will be provided under the following procedure.

  1. An appointment will be made with the student needing assistance.
  2. The IS worker will complete the work in the presence of the student resident.
  3. Should the student resident need to leave, the IS worker should make an appointment to return and complete the work when the student is available.
  4. The IS worker is not required to work in a hostile environment and may refuse assistance if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe in the environment. Report such occurrences to your supervisor.
  5. The student is also entitled to a comfortable and safe environment. Please be aware of your own actions and speech in this regard. Report any potential problems to your supervisor.
  6. If there is any worry that a situation may be contentious, the IS worker may want to make arrangements to have a co-worker accompany them on the appointment.