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Kalamazoo College

Administrative User Policy

The intent of the Administrative User policy is provide balance between the protection of shared College information technology resources and the occassionally unique needs of the individual.

All faculty and staff machines are set up with a Power User account for the individual(s) that are assigned to use the machine.  IS will also maintain an administrative user account for purposes of support of the machine.  By default, and in normal operations, each user will use their Power User account.

Information Services will support a Power User account and the machine on which it resides.  This includes software, hardware, and ac count support through the Help Desk, including installation of any additional software (that does not conflict with College network resources or legal restrictions) in a timely manner.

If a user wants to take on responsibility for support of their computer because of unique needs that cannot be met through the standard arrangement, they can request an Administrator account by signing the Administrator Account User Agreement.  This form is agreed to and signed by both the user and the Associate Provost for Information Services before a user is given an administrative account on their College computer.  With this account, the user assumes the responsibility for maintenance and support as outlined in the agreement.