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Kalamazoo College

Allocation and Maintenance of Computing Resources

  • Disk Quotas: Each computing account will be assigned storage space (a "fixed disk quota") on one or more disk storage devices. Users who need additional storage space may apply in writing to the Associate Director of Systems and Networking to have their quota expanded. The granting of such a request will depend on the availability of unused disk space on the system and the reason for the request.
  • Account and File Security: IS makes a strong effort to maintain the security of account numbers, passwords, directories and data. However, no computer system can be guaranteed foolproof, and it is possible that some user could gain access to another user's accounts through actions or accidents beyond reasonable control. Each user must take full advantage of password and file protection security mechanisms provided by the operating system. For example, passwords should be non-obvious, changed frequently, and not shared with others.
  • Account Maintenance: Each account owner or Information Provider is responsible for maintaining the account and files stored in the account. This maintenance includes but is not limited to removing old and unused files, having the account restored if necessary, making sure there are no broken links in the user’s web page(s), and changing the account password regularly to prevent other users from gaining access to the account.
  • File Backups: IS will carry out regular backup procedures to maintain relatively current copies of all files. All central servers are backed up daily. Complete system backups are done weekly. However, recovery of any particular file or data is not guaranteed.
  • Notification of Changes in the Computing Environment: IS will attempt to announce all major, non-transparent changes in policies, operating procedures, hardware and software a reasonable amount of time before the change is to take place. Such announcements will be made via email or other appropriate means. Users should understand that in cases of emergency, advanced warning may not be feasible.

  • Allocation and Maintenance of Computing Systems
    Most faculty and staff requiring computer resources have been provided with computers and site-licensed software (e.g., Windows or Mac OS, MS Office). Requests for such basic computing tools are gathered periodically by IS and reviewed for support as funding permits. Kalamazoo College students have access to several computer labs which are open during posted hours throughout each week of the academic year. All College-owned computer systems are maintained by the IS staff or through maintenance contracts with service vendors.