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Kalamazoo College

Common Questions:

May I purchase or rent a film from the local video store and use it in my class?

Tapes from a video store are labeled "Home Use Only", indicating a licensing agreement with the copyright holder. Nevertheless, use of such tapes is considered "fair use" in a face-to-face teaching situation. Tapes marked "Home Use Only" may also be viewed in the Library small-group viewing rooms and carrels if they are used strictly for instructional purposes and not entertainment.

Is it permissible to make a copy of a rental video in order to use it again, later?

No. That would infringe on the rights licensed to the rental agency. (Absent reasonable return for service, rental agencies cannot survive.)

Can an auditorium or other large space be used to show a video labeled "Home Use Only" to a class?

Yes, so long as the performance is not open to the public and is for an instructional purpose within the structure of the course. Use for entertainment is prohibited.

If my department already owns a videotape, and it has been used in the classroom, can I have it shown on the campus video network?

Not unless explicit permission for closed-circuit distribution has been obtained.

Can a college-owned video be copied for Reserves?

Not unless permission for the copying has been obtained from the copyright owner.

May a club or other group show a video obtained from a local video store?

No. However, many film/video libraries and distributors offer the required "public performance rights" that are included in a higher rental fee.

What if a student rents a video from a video store and views it with a few friends in her dormitory livingroom?

Experts disagree! But since access to dormitories is limited to acquaintances of students, this would seem to be comparable to "home use".

I don't have time to preview this video right now, and it's due to be returned to the vendor. Can Audiovisual Services copy it for me?

No; preview videos may not be copied. But in an emergency Audiovisual Services can ask the vendor for an extended preview period.