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Kalamazoo College

Electronic Downloading and File Sharing

Members of the Kalamazoo College community share a valuable resource, our campus computing and information network.  The priority purpose for our network is to support learning and teaching.  The use of the network for other purposes, including entertainment, (music and video sharing and downloading, for example) is secondary.   This secondary use, especially if it includes unauthorized copying and/or illegal sharing or distribution of copyrighted materials, can place students and the College in legal jeopardy.  The Digital Millenium Copyright Act can hold both individuals (students and others) and colleges responsible for violations of relevant copyright laws.

College policy prohibits illegal and/or unauthorized downloading, sharing, and copying of copyrighted materials via any College network or resources. 

Students who engage in illegal use of copyrighted materials as described above will face College disciplinary action, and may also face legal action.  The College’s first response to a student who has violated the policy will be to provide a written warning and to disable the student’s network access until the problem is resolved.  A second violation will result in formal disciplinary action as well as disabling the student’s network account.  Subsequent violations may place the student’s enrollment at the College at risk.

The best preparation for understanding these issues is to become informed.  The following links and sites are excellent sources of accurate information.  Please familiarize yourself with the relevant College policies via the first two links below.      

We are all responsible for using College resources responsibly.  Thank you, in advance, for your help with this matter.