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Kalamazoo College

PC Support Policy

Supported Software
Software supported by Information Services is standard throughout the College and has been determined to be compatible with campus hardware. Training and troubleshooting assistance are usually available for supported software. However, licensing issues and limited staff experience with certain programs may limit the amount of support that can be provided. A list of software currently supported by Information Services is available on this site.

Not all software supplied with a computer is supported. Also, some supported software may require the purchase of a license by the department requiring the software. While non-supported software may be used on computers, no guarantee of their compatibility with other software can be given, nor can Information Services provide troubleshooting assistance for them. If non-supported software is determined to be the source of a computer problem, Information Services will return the computer to a working, standard configuration. This may necessitate the removal of the non-supported software.

Requests for the addition of specific software packages to the list of supported software should be directed to the Help Desk (email: Such requests will be considered by Information Services staff in consultation with other appropriate parties. Primary factors in making the decision include the applicability of the software to the general College community and the ability of the Information Services staff to provide support for it.

Student (on-campus) Systems
Students can obtain assistance with their computer systems from their Student Computer Consultant (SCC). The SCC will assist the student to connect their computer to the Residential Network (ResNet), allowing access to on-campus services and to the Internet. If a network connection problem cannot be solved by the SCC, it will be
referred to an appropriate Information Services staff member. Issues beyond the network connection may be addressed by the SCC if their workload permits. Students are also welcome to seek assistance from the Help Desk, but if the problem requires a room visit, the student will be referred to their SCC.

College-owned (on-campus) systems
The Help Desk (ext. 5800) provides assistance for hardware, supported software, and other computer services offered by the College. Problems which cannot be solved over the phone will be referred to the appropriate Information Services staff member.

Off-campus personal computers
The Help Desk (ext. 5800) provides telephone support for dial-in services offered by the College. The Information Services staff is unable to provide support for other problems experienced with off-campus computers or to make "house-calls".

Information Services makes every effort to halt the spread of computer viruses. This may necessitate the isolation of an infected computer. Assistance on the detection and removal of viruses and on how to obtain detailed information about a particular virus is available from the Help Desk (ext. 5800). However, it is every computer user's responsibility to run and regularly update appropriate virus detection software.