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Kalamazoo College

Logging in to the Remote Access site with a KT-4 Token

Kalamazoo College's Remote Access site can be used to access college resources such as Ellucian Colleague in a safe and secure fashion.  The address for the Remote Access site is

Note that this address is only available from *OFF* campus as it serves as a secure gateway into the college network itself.

When you first get to the site, you'll need to log in using your secure token.  The instructions on this page describe logging in to the secure portal using a KT-4 keychain fob type token.   If you have a virtual MP-1 token on your smarphone, please see this page for log in instructions.

Your username is the same network username you use to log on to campus workstations and email.  The password, however, is a combination of your personal PIN code (You set this when you activated your token) plus the token code displayed on your token after pressing the button.  For example, if your personal PIN code is "5674" and your token displays the token code of "11223344", then you would enter the One Time Password of "567411223344" into the password field:

Remote Access Login with a KT-4 Token Step 1 (Updated)

Sometimes, at this point, the server will ask you for a second One Time Password.  This generally happens if you have generated a number of token codes (by pressing the button on the token) without using them to authenticate.  If that happens, you'll see the prompt below.  You will need to press the button on your token again to get a new token code, and then enter your personal pin followed by this new token code into the field provided.  Essentially, the server is "double-checking" your authentication:

Remote Access Login Out of Window Authentication 

After logging in, the remote access page will present you with a set of links to applications that can be accessed through it.  Simply click the link to the resource you wish to access:

Remote Access Home Screen

When you click the link for Ellucian Colleague, it will open the UI interface in a new browser tab, using a secure connection.    Be aware that if you close this browser, your secure connection will end and you will have to log back in to the remote access site to use it again:

Colleague UI via Remote Access (Updated)

When you launch Colleague from inside the Remote Access site, a small Java applet will be downloaded to your computer to handle the secure connection.  Consequently, you may receive pop up warnings like the following:

Remote Access Java Warning 

Remote Access Security Warning

You will want to select "Run" on the first one, and "Don't Block" on the second one so that the Java applet can run properly.