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Frequently Asked Questions: Managing Team Site Files from Your Desktop

Will the changes I make to my team site files from my desktop also show up on the team site?

Yes. When you map a team site as a drive to your computer, you are setting up a different route to access the same files. 

If I delete a team site file from my desktop, will it also delete from the team site?


Can I add files to my team site by dragging them into the team site drive on my desktop?


Can I create new libraries and lists in my team site from my desktop?

No. New libraries and lists can only be created through the online team site using SharePoint.

If I can manage the files from my own computer, why would I need to access them through the Hornet Hive?

The Hornet Hive allows for easy access to your team site files from any browser, at any location, all with a single log-in. Mapping the team site as a drive on your computer only allows you to see those files from your computer workstation.