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For Mac: How to Access Team Site Files from Your Desktop

Once you map a team site to your computer, you can move, edit, rename, and interact with files just as you would normal files on your desktop.

On a Mac, there are 3 parts to making your files accessible from your desktop:

  1. Map your team site as a drive on your computer station
  2. Set the team site drive to display on your desktop
  3. Adjust system settings to automatically show the team site drive after log-in.

Map a Team Site as a Drive

  1. Go to your team site and copy URL from your browser window
  2. Navigate to the Finder and choose Go > Connect to Server
  3. In the Server Address text box, paste the URL of your team site, and delete the "default.aspx" (e.g. "")
  4. Click Connect
  5. In the authentication window that appears, change the Name to your knet username use your knet password, then click Connect
  6. Your team site files will be accessible in the Finder window.

Display the Team Site Drive on Your Desktop

Your computer may already be configured to show the team site drive on your desktop. If you can see a link to the team site on your desktop after mapping the drive (as described above), you do not need to complete this section. If you do not see a link to your team site on your desktop, complete the following steps:

  1. From the Finder, navigate to your Finder Preferences
  2. Click the General tab
  3. Click the checkbox next to "Connected Servers" to display the team site drive on your desktop
  4. Exit out of Finder Preferences

Set Team Site Drive to Display upon Log-In

If you do not set the drive to display upon log-in, your team site will not still be mapped the next time that you restart your computer. To set the team site to display upon log-in:

  1. From the Apple menu, navigate to System Preferences
  2. Click Users and Groups or Accounts
  3. Click Login Items
  4. Click the plus (+) button to add a new login item
  5. Locate your team site drive and click Add
  6. Exit out of System Preferences