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Kalamazoo College

BeLight: Article Settings


Provides a summary of the article. The excerpt is displayed on the BeLight home page within the list of articles, next to the thumbnail image (Example: see highlighted text below):


If no Excerpt is provided, the first few sentences of the article will appear instead.

IssueM Article Options

Teaser Text: DO NOT use.
IssueM Author Name: Author of the article (not necessarily the same as the person who posts it to BeLight). This will be displayed visibly on BeLight.
Featured Rotator Options: When "Set as Featured Rotator Article" is checked, the article will appear on the large image rotator on the BeLight home page (assuming the article also has a Featured Image set).
Featured Thumbnail Options: DO NOT use.

Custom Fields

You can set a class year for the article, which may refer to either the person that the article describes, or to the person writing the article. Class year is most commonly used (and is required for) all "Class Notes."

  1. Click --Select-- > classyr
  2. Type the class year under the "Value" column



Check the Issue you wish this article to be associated with.

*Note: if no Issue is checked, the article will not appear on BeLight.


When you choose a category for your article, you are essentially choosing where you would like the article to appear on the BeLight website. For example, if you select the "Class Notes" category, that is where the article will appear on BeLight (under Class Notes).

The Features category will feed articles to the home page of BeLight.

*Note: The "Uncategorized" category will not show up anywhere on the BeLight website.


Tags indicate the general subject matter of the article. Most standard articles should have approximately 5 tags. Use appropriate tagging standards.


The Order number for articles indicates how these articles will appear in a feed. The article with Order=1 will be at the top of the page, then the article with Order=2 will appear underneath it.

Featured Image

The Featured Image has a dual purpose. It used in both the Large Image Rotator, and it is used for thumbnail images in article lists (such as on the home page of BeLight). The Featured Image does not appear inside of the article, but rather before someone has clicked on the article.

If you want the Featured Image inside the article, you will need to insert it into your page content using the "Upload/Insert" link above the text editor.