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BeLight: How Do I...?

This page describes some of the more common tasks in WordPress using the IssueM plugin for BeLight.

How do I...?

Add an article to the large image rotator?

To add an article to the large image rotator, edit your article. In the article editing screen, complete the following:

  • Check the box next to the appropriate/associated Issue (e.g. "May 2014")
  • Check the box next to "Featured Rotator Options: Set As Featured Rotator Article"
    *Do not check the box next to "Set as Featured Thumbnail Article"
  • Add a "Featured Image" to display in the rotator

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Add articles to the home page of BeLight?

To add articles in a list (beneath the large image rotator) on the home page, check the "Features" category from the available categories list:


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Add a thumbnail image to an article?

To add a thumbnail to an article in a list (such as the Feature articles listed on the home page of BeLight), add a Featured Image to that article.

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Change the order of articles?

Articles will show up in order from low-to-high, so an article with order "1" will show up at the top, followed by "2," then "3," etc. To add an order number to an article, edit the article and add its "Order" (under the "Attributes" menu):


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Post to: Class Notes, Features, In Print, Lighten Up, In Memory?

To post an article to a particular section on BeLight (such as Class Notes, In Print, etc.), check the box next to the corresponding category (within the editing screen of the article). Articles may be in more than one category if desired, and will show up on both sections of BeLight.

To post to "In Memory," choose the "Obituaries" category.

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Insert a pullquote?

After your article is written in the WordPress editor, click your cursor to where you would like your pullquote to be. Then click the "Pullquote" icon on the text editor to enter your pullquote:

You should get a window that will let you enter the text of the pullquote. Click OK to insert the text. The pullquote is editable after you have inserted it in the article.

Pullquotes are always left-aligned and have an identical design (e.g. the white italic letters set against a gray background).

*Note: Pullquotes cannot be easily moved after you insert them in an article.

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