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Kalamazoo College

How to Set Up a Confirmation E-mail to Form Submitters on WordPress

These are the steps to set up an e-mail confirmation (which is different than the message that appears on your web page after the person submits their form).

  1. Add a validated email address field to your form (see our validation help page).
    Use the “Express Fields” tab to add an “Email” to your form (best method).
    Add a “Single Line Text” with the label “E-mail.” Under the “Field Settings, click Advanced and select “Email” next to the “Validation” section.
  2. Make that email field required (see our required field help page).
    Select the validated email field that you just created and click “Field Settings.” Under the “Basic” section, checkbox the “Required” setting.
  3. Turn on Confirmation Message.
    Click your “Form Settings” tab and then select the “Advanced” dropdown. You can now select a “Confirmation To.” You have the option of sending a confirmation message to any e-mail address field that is both validated and required.
  4. Write your Confirmation Subject.
    This is the e-mail subject line that will appear in the person’s email inbox after they have submitted your form.
  5. Write your Confirmation Message.
    This is the body of the actual e-mail that will get sent to the person automatically after submitting the form. The “Confirmation Message” is where you should include any confirmation language (e.g. “Thank you, we have received your submission…”), any thanking language, (e.g. “We appreciate your interest…”), as well as any next steps (e.g. “If you have questions about this project, please contact us at 555.555.5555…”)