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How to Organize Your Web Form on WordPress

There are a variety of ways to organize your web form. You can:

Add Headings or Section Text

Grouping your form questions/fields by topic helps people fill out your form more quickly and makes it easier to understand. For example, you may have a "Contact Information" section of your form and a "Personal Interests" section of your form.

When you group your fields in this way, you can add a heading to the section with the "Section Text" field in Form Builder.

  1.  Access the Form Editor. Under the "Add Field" tab, click the "Section" button:
  2. A new "Section Text" field will appear at the bottom of your form. If necessary, move the field to a better position in your form.
  3. Click the "Section Text" field to open the "Field Settings." Under the "Basic" heading, change the value of the section text to the heading you desire. In the example below, the section text is "Your Favorite Things":
  4. Add additional headings as needed. Click Save Form to submit your changes and keep your headings.

Change the Order of Form Questions/Fields

You can re-order the your form fields from the "Assembly" tab in the Form Editor. To move an item, click-and-hold the "handle" (indicated by the shaded bar on the left of the field) and drag it to the appropriate location:

Change the Order of Multiple Choice Options

You can re-order multiple choice questions in a similar manner to changing the order of your form fields.

  1. Under the "Assembly" tab, click the field that you wish to re-order the options within. In the example below, the "Favorite Ice Cream" field has been selected:
  2. Clicking the field should open the "Field Settings" tab. Under the "Basic" heading, locate the "Options" for the multiple choice items. Click-and-hold the "handle" (indicated by the shaded bar to the left of the option you wish to move) and drag it to the appropriate location.