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How to Require Fields & Set Up Validation

"Required fields" and "validation" are 2 ways to make sure the people filling out your form are giving you the information you're looking for.

  • Required fields force the person to enter information before submitting the form. If someone attempts to submit the form without filling out the required field, they will receive a prompt to fill out the form.
  • Validation refers to the Form Builder checking to make sure that the information submitted is structured in the way that you have set up. For example, you may want to set up validation on an "Email" field, so that Form Builder checks for an "@" as well as a .com, .edu, .net etc.  

Make a Field Required

  1. Access the Form Editor. Under the "Assembly" tab, click on the field you wish to require. In the example below, the "First Name" field will be made required:
  2. When you click a field in the "Assembly" tab, the "Field Settings" tab should automatically open. If it does not, click the "Field Settings" tab. Under the "Basic" heading, checkbox the "Required" option:
  3. You should notice that your field now has a red "required" text next to it. Save your form to submit your changes.

Set Up Validation

Validation is especially useful if you want to make sure that submitted e-mail addresses are real addresses, or that phone numbers have 10 digits (area code + phone number). 

Express Fields already have some validation integrated into them. If you select the "Email" express field, it is already set up to check that the e-mail address is in the correct format.

To add validation to a standard field:

  1. Access the Form Editor. Under the "Assembly" tab, click on the field you wish to have validated (which should open the "Field Settings" tab).
  2. Under the "Field Settings" tab, click the "Advanced" section to open validation choices. In the example below, the "Email" field will be validated as an Email (checked to make sure that any submitted e-mail is in the correct format):
  3. Click Save Form to submit your changes and keep validation on your field.