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Kalamazoo College

The Kalamazoo chapter of the Society of Physics Students

The KSPS is a nationally recognized chapter of the Society of Physics Students. We encourage students to learn physics in depth, collaborating with the Department of Physics.

I. Objectives:

1.  Encourage and assist students interested in physics to develop the knowledge, competence, enthusiasm, and social responsibility that are essential to the advancement of physics

2. Stimulate interest in advance study and research in physics

3. Develop collegiality among physics students and faculty members

4. Promote public interest in physics


II. Activities:

1. Host physics related talks in Olds Upton, inviting professors from the outer institutions

2. Educate the next generation, engaging with the civic engagement program

... In the past, our members conducted science demos and taught basic programming to elementary students at Woodward School for Technology and Research.

3. Hold the supplemental instruction (SI) sessions for physics courses (PHYS-150,152, and 210)

4. Offer sufficietnt training for physics TAs 

5. Host events to raise awareness about physics on campus


III. Meeting Time and Place:

Our meeting time and place will be decided by student officers in the beginning of the Fall quarter. 


IV. Contact:

Please contact our secretary Kevin Bhimani for more information.