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Kalamazoo College

Spirit Decorating 2011 - Building a Better Hive

The theme for 2011 was "construction," so we came up with "Building a Better Hive." Raiding the custodian closet gave us a bounty of caution tape, used to good advantage at the circulation desk.

2011 spirit desk

The book carts got into the act with orange tape as well. Note the Ditra around the picture on the left and on the door to the right. We also hung tools from some mesh attached to the door.

2011 spirit cart


The picture was framed with Ditra (orange!) and blueprints of the library created the background. Note the toy dump truck on the desk.

2011 spirit desk 2

"Go Hornets" written in duct tape on Ditra. We like Ditra.

2011 go hornets

Construction Guy was created from an orange hard hat, a safety vest, a broom, mesh, and various supplies.

2011 spirit construction guy

No wreath is complete without some chain and caution tape.

2011 wreath