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Kalamazoo College

Spirit Decorating 2013 - We Are the Zoo

In 2013 we pulled out the stops with "We Are the Zoo." This was our award-winning entry. First Place!

Note the crepe paper "bars" on the "cage" that is the circulation desk. Our student workers wore zookeeper hats, but nobody wanted their photo taken for posterity :-)

2013 spirit circ desk


2013 spirit circ desk closeup

Please don't feed the animals.

2013 spirit dont feed


2013 spirit entrance

We decorated the fake plants from the library entrance with a menagerie of flying things. For some reason many of the IT staff had stuffed animal collections...

2013 spirit menagerie

Tigers wear hats! We were lucky to have a font that included animals.

2013 spirit menagerie 2

Animal reading is important.

2013 spirit reading

The petting zoo was extremely popular. Students enjoyed taking selfies with the animals and generally cuddling them.

2013 spirit petting zoo

Some animals just hung out.

2013 spirit circ closeup

Some climbed their "cages."

2013 spirit cage

You could take a photo at the Buzz Booth. Interactive!

2013 spirit Buzz Booth